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Our Retirees

We can not thank our girls and boys enough for the wonderful puppies they have produced and the many happy families they made, but some get old, and some are forced into early retirement. 


Sometimes we have retired dogs for rehoming but they are not listed here.
No dogs on this page are for sale or rehoming. 
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to our wonderful 4 legged children!

imes we have

Majestic Oaks Ultra.jpg

Majestic Oaks Ultra

AKC Ultra has giving us three very nice litters of puppies. We got her from another breeder and she was already an older dog. She is an amazing calm girl and is now living with my brother as a retired house dog and loving it. Thank you Ultra for your wonderful pups and being such a good girl.  Sorry to say we do not have any of Ultra's pups. Sadly Ultra had to be put to sleep on 11/12/15. One day before her 11th birthday. She developed breast cancer and on 11/11/15 started going down hill fast during the middle of the night. She  was cremated and is back home with us. 


Parris Jade Albright

AKC Parris has given us some amazing pups. She is mother to Paige,Pearlie  and Trooper. Parris had a C-section to get Paige out in 2010.  She had a couple of litters after that and then on Christmas Eve of 2013 Parris again had to have a C-section to remove 3 puppies. We unfortunately lost those three  but she did have four amazing pups who made it including our Trooper. Parris has PRA/prcd but her children are not affect just carriers.  She sadly had to be spayed due to the complications.  We have some of her granddaughters Williow and Pebbles.  She is an excellent dog and is now retired to our couch.

Shelby Star.jpg

Brook Park Labs Shelby Star Albright

​​​AKC Shelby is a champion sired English lab. Her father is Ch. Van Dalen Dreamer of Dixieland. She has many show and hunting titles in her pedigree.  Shelby is half sister to Parris and has two daughters  named Waffles and Little Shelby. Shelby is a very sweet quiet girl who never barks. She loves to swim, fetch, and cuddle. She loves cats, other dogs, and children. She has retired and gone to live with a son of hers. It was very hard to let our Shelby go! We have a great great great granddaughter of hers name Cheyenne. 


Countryview's Tater

​​​​AKC Tater is a small little English girl. She is 45lbs and has amazing pups. She has hunting and show titles in her pedigree. She loves to swim like no tomorrow and retrieves non-stop. Like many of our others she also loves dogs, cats, and children. Her son is our Berry. She will stay on with us as she is so attached to our Denver we call them our married couple. Berry is her son who passed in 2017. Sadly we lost her along with Denver as both their health declined at the sometime. We do not know how they did that but Tater had cancer. We lost her 2/7/22 at 12.5yrs old. 


Berry The Amazing Labrador

AKC Berry was returned to us with a broke rear leg. No one knows what happened to him but he is living the spoiled life with us as a house dog. He is very smart. Has his own flash light he carries for night potty trips, and knows all kinds of tricks. He has his own Facebook Page, and his parents are our Tater and Denver. He is a joy to have here.  Sadly Berry lost his life at age shy of 4 years old due to liver disease. We are so heartbroken. R.I.P. We love and miss you dearly. He still has his facebook page going. Berry the Amazing Labrador. 

Lexi Sours.jpg

Lexi Sours

AKC Lexi came to us from Winter Valley Labs. She is a sweet girl and had one litter with our Pablo here before retiring to her forever home. Her daughter is Molly. She is a sweet laid back girl who enjoys just about everything. She is now in her forever home playing with kids and enjoying the family life.

Patti Paige.jpg

Brook Park Labs Patti Paige

AKC Paige is the daughter of Parris and we own 4 of Paige's pups. Willow, Patience, Pablo, Kasper.  As you can tell I love her pups. Paige loves her tennis balls and water to no end. She is a very smart girl and is enjoying her kids and going as our house dog as she is use to being. She is a very special girl and her kids have her personality also. As a pup she helped my sick mom with no training. Some of the pics of hers you see her with my mom. Sadly we lost her on 12/29/21 due to enlarged heart from few years on grainfree dog food at age of 11.5 yrs, She is so missed and was my right hand girl like her mommy Parris. 


Countryview's Brook Park Labs Blossom

AKC Blossom is a English lab with lots of drive as well. She has Goldberry lines and many hunting and show titles in her pedigree. She loves water and retrieving, and also dogs, cats, and children. Her daughter's are our  Bitzi, Faith and Brooklyn. Blossom is now living with her grandson Quincy from Faith litter enjoying being a house dog. We miss her very much but her daughters will carry on her line. We have her granddaughter who is Bayrose.


Brook Park Labs Breakfast in Bed Waffles

Waffles is the typical Lab that gave this breed its name for loyal, smart, gentle and laid back. She loves to play with her dog football and would bring all three back in her kennel when she was done so no one else would steal them. Her daughter is our Rosie and her half sister is Lil Shelby. Waffles and Lil Shelby both got their mom's beautiful eyes. Waffles had 2 nice litters with us then skipped her 1.5 years and we ran into problems.. Waffles went in for emergency C Section and spay sadly in 11/2016. I had listed her retired and someone wanted to adopt her. Sadly I miss this girl so much it all happened so fast I did not have time to think. Her new owners have named her Lucy. She has made a lil boy very happy. 


Brook Park Labs All it Takes is Patience

Patience had one litter which is our Misty. Sadly Patience had one UTI after another after her one litter. She will be spayed in 2018 and will stay on.  Her mom is our Paige and she is retired to our couch with her mother Parris. Patience is a sweet house dog and gets along with everyone she meets. She loves to swim and cuddle. She is a awesome girl.  

Miss Molly.jpg

Brook Park Labs Good Golly Miss Molly

Molly is from Lexi/Pablo litter. She carries all 3 colors. Molly had 2 litters with us and is the most laid back girl you could meet but motherhood was just not her thing. Her second litter she injured 4 out of 8 pups which we lost and Faith raised her other 4. She just kept picking them up too roughly and put holes in them. Molly is now in a pet home with her half brother from a Rosie litter on a farm enjoying life. 


Brook Park Labs I love a Rainy Night Rainy

Rainy went on to live with a breeder friend of ours and will be a great     addition to their program. We will get updates on her and she will be well loved. We will miss her but know she is in good hands. 

Crystal Hatley.jpg

Brook Park Labs Miss Crystal Hatley

Crystal is a wonderful lab and was a joy to have here with us for 5 years. She has now retired and went to live with her one of her daughters and one of Bitzi's daughters. We did keep back 2 of her pups. Our Cherise and Bugsly. We miss her but she is in good hands. A 4 time repeat buyers home. 

Black Zeuz.jpeg

Brook Park Labs Back in Black Zeuz

Zeus is one of the most laid back dogs you will meet. Sadly he had to retire due to a injury to a hip as a pup from his original breeder that was not found until 1.5 years old. Zeus now lives in a forever pet home. We miss this laid back boy. He did sire 2 litters of pups with no issues. 

Lotta Rosie.jpg

Brook Park Labs Whole Lotta Rosie

Rosie is now in her forever home. She had some amazing large litters of pups. She loves her fruits and veggies like no other and oh red licorice. LOL. She is missed but very happy with her new family. Very silly fun girl.


Brook Park Labs Gotta Have Faith

Faith had some beautiful litters for us. She was spayed after complications on her forever last litter and had only one pup who was born stillborn. She is a sweet girl who follows you around. Many of her kids look like her and Gracie above is one of hers. She is a very laid back gentle girl. We homed her with her with one of her daughters in MI on 4/27/19 but they got her home and she bolted. She is still missing and running at large. She finally got captured in a live trap and they brought her back here. She will stay on with us since we feel she will not home well. She's made her own mind up to be with us.


Claey's Moving At The Speed Of Sound Brutus

Pearlie May.jpg

AKC Brook Park Labs Pearlie May

itzi bitzi.jpeg

AKC Brook Park Labs Itzi Bitzi

Windy Willows.jpg

AKC Brook Park Labs Windy Willows


AKC Bruiser's Dark Shadows Barnabas

Barnabas came to us from a breeder in AZ. He is a great addition to our breeding program. He is OFA good/normal and passed his DNA tests. He is a laid back typical English lab that is not fond of winter. He is very smart and is built like your typical English labs. He has thrown whites, ivory, reds, and yellows in his litters. Barnabas is now retired to a friends home who has 3 pups from us. 2 of his sons, and a grandson. 


AKC Brook Park Labs No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Brooklyn was one of my baby girls. We played a face game daily and she was so calm, silly and had the good English lab looks to go with her. I picked her out the day she was born which I hardly ever do until pups are older but she caught my eye right away. She was one of our best behaved dogs and had 3 litters with us. She lost her life on her last litter when her pups were 5 weeks old. She had lost weight and was going to the vet daily to try and figure out what was going on. Sadly she declined so badly on 7/6/2020 we had to say good bye to her. It really tore me up as we were very close. I do have a daughter from her last litter we named Brooke. I miss you so much baby girl its just not the same without you!! This pic was taking a few weeks before she had her pups.


AKC Rumajas Amber Sky Chernaya Cher

Cher came to us from a breeder in Ohio. She is a beautiful English laid back girl that gets along with everyone here. She likes to cuddle play with the other dogs and hang out with the humans. She carries all 3 colors including fox red. Sadly Cher had to retire after her c section as from her previous owner had not told us she had c sections before and they were not done the proper way. Her uterus was a mess. We did get the one litter from her. Which are some amazing pups. Cher is now in a pet home


AKC Brook Park Labs Dancing Denver.
I can not brag enough about this guy. He is the kennel keeper, clown, snitch, alarm system if something is going on in the kennel including a mom close to labor. He is the singer, sings to Randy Travis, Garth Brookes, etc but those are his favorites, and he taught others to sing. He our weather app the best one around too. He has produced some of the best pups too. He is a momma's boy and Taters husband so we say as they are bonded so tight. I love this guy and hate to see him retire. His pups are Kasper, Bitzi ,Misty, Willow, and Brooke. You can not ask for a better male Lab.Sadly we lost Denver at 11 yrs old as his mind was still with it but his body due to CHF and Arthritis on 2/7/22. He is so missed.

AKC Kincaids Rippin Blue Emmy Lou

AKC Winter Valleys Light My Tinder

AKC Destiny's Dragon Rider Lily

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